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Classcraft in 2 mins

Classcraft is an internet page / app that gamifies the classroom, giving your students the roles of mighty warriors, mages and healers.


As a teacher your job is to give students XP for good behavior, HP damage for bad.

The students then choose classes and powers that will help them avoid falling in battle, and help their team. They also gain access to some privilleges, like putting on music. As these privileges are restricted, it will cause fun and not chaos in the classroom.

When is ClassCraft the right choice?[]

The greatest effect of ClassCraft is achieved in classes where many students find it hard to concentrate.

In classes without concentration problems, a greater effect might be achieved by other systems such as Exploration of Knowledge.

What are the strengths of it?[]

ClassCraft makes a whole game out of behaving well in class, with skills, classes and teamwork. Some students become very motivated to do extra homework or answer questions in class to earn XP.

ClassCraft has an extensive familiarization process that walks the teacher through the different steps to set up the system for their class or they can just use the default mode.

After the teacher starts to use the product there is a lot of support in workshops and more content to use in class.

The students are also allowed to participate in the process. They can choose character classes that have special perks that they can use. They also can be artistic in setting up how their character looks when they access their character's page. Ultimately, the student is responsible not only for themselves, but the other students in their party. Thus, making them accountable in a group environment.

What are the weaknesses?[]

Using ClassCraft require you to make several decisions as to how often you want to challenge the students with a boss fight quiz, or arrange other challenges that might damage the students.

The recommended duration of ClassCraft is an entire school year, so the teacher must be quite committed to the project. More beginner-friendly projects can be found here: Low commitment projects.

What is the target age?[]

ClassCraft is recommended for teenagers and adults due to the complexity of the cooperative powers that the students use to help their team. For a similar system targeted at kids, see ClassDojo.


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